It Is Wrong – ALWAYS – to Believe Anything Without Evidence

If I believe it is raining outside… The Umbrella (1883) by Marie Bashkirtseff. Courtesy the State Russian Museum/Wikipedia ‘It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.’ By Francisco Mejia Uribe / 11.05.2018 You have probably never heard of William Kingdon Clifford. He is not in the pantheon of great philosophers – perhaps because his[…]

Belief in Supernatural Beings is Totally Natural – and False

Craig Cloutier/Flickr/Creative Commons By Dr. Stephen Law / 12.15.2015 Philosopher and Author Centre for Inquiry Human beings are remarkably prone to supernatural beliefs and, in particular, to beliefs in invisible agents – beings that, like us, act on the basis of their beliefs and desires, but that, unlike us, aren’t usually visible to the naked eye. Belief in[…]

Materialism and Jewish Reform in the 19th Century

‘Jews Praying in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur,’ by Maurycy Gottlieb, 1878 In the 1870s European Judaism underwent an intellectual revolution.  By Dr. Eliyahu Stern / 10.30.2018 Associate Professor of Modern Jewish Intellectual and Cultural History Yale University Be ‘a man in the street and a Jew in the home’: a common piece of advice[…]

The Petrifying Gaze of Medusa: Ambivalence, Explexis, and the Sublime

Photo by bl3w, Flickr, Creative Commons Tracing the notion of ekplexis in Greek rhetoric and the connections in etymology, myth, and pictorial traditions, between the petrifying powers of art and the myth of Medusa. By Dr. Caroline van Eck Professor of Art History University of Cambridge Abstract The Dutch art theorists Junius and van Hoogstraten describe the sublime,[…]

Goop: A Classicist’s Take on the ‘Power’ of Ancient Remedies

In Ancient Greek texts, the king Lycaon is punished for misdeeds by being turned into a wolf. / Wikimedia Commons Tapping into ancient knowledge can help us feel connected to our ancestors – but that doesn’t mean we should take their advice. By Adam Parker / 10.31.2018 PhD Candidate in Classical Studies The Open University Lifestyle company Goop –[…]