The Economics of Medieval and Early Modern Guilds

The analysis of guilds as economic institutions is largely based on Europe between about 1000 and about 1800. By Dr. Sheilagh OgilvieProfessor of Economic HistoryUniversity of Cambridge Introduction Occupational guilds have been observed for thousands of years in many economies: ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome; medieval and early modern India, Japan, Persia, Byzantium, and Europe; and nineteenth-century[…]

Venice as the Ancient Source of Europe’s Commercial Roots

In the tumultuous aftermath of the fall of the Roman Empire, the newly founded Republic of Venice boasted its maritime and commercial eastward mission. By Dr. Vera CostantiniLecturer in Turkish Language, Ottoman History, and Paleography Ca’Foscari University of VeniceUniversity of Palermo In one of his articles, Carlo Dionisotti analyzed the literary topos of war in the East[…]

Ancient Greek Colonization of the Mediterranean

Following training and cooperation with the Phoenicians, the ancient Greeks launched a huge wave of colonization across the Mediterranean. By Dr. Polyxeni Adam-VeleniDirectorArchaeological Museum of Thessaloniki The borderline from the 8th to the 7th century BC marked by three very important events which determined the course of Western civilization and greatly affect our lives today.[…]

The Mediterranean: The Historical Political Meaning of the Sea

Since the ancient world, the Mediterranean has served as a space for constant exchange of goods, people and ideas. By Dr. Bernd ThumGerman Medieval Historian Introduction Whoever is asked what he thinks about the Mediterranean as a memory space will immediately answer laconically with a question: Ah, Braudel? During and shortly after the Second World[…]

Preserving Ancient Mosaics in the Mediterranean

A restorer removes mortar on a mosaic in Tipasa, Algeria. Image courtesy the Conservation and Restoration Workshop of the Arles Antiquities Museum Flexibility in a funding initiative for mosaics conservators leads to a range of positive outcomes. By Dr. Joan Weinstein / 11.27.2018 Acting Director Getty Foundation Introduction Grant-making is rarely a linear process. It often involves twists and turns along the[…]