Was the 1965 Immigration Act a Failure?

Maybe, maybe not, but it certainly didn’t do what it’s authors intended. Introduction For as long as America has proclaimed itself a welcoming country of immigrants, policies have been in place to keep specific classes of people out. Naturalized citizenship was limited to “free white persons” until the 1860s, and Asians, for instance, weren’t allowed[…]

John Dewey: Portrait of a Progressive Thinker

His ideas altered the education of children worldwide. “I believe that education is the fundamental method of social progress and reform.” John Dewey “He was loved, honored, vilified, and mocked as perhaps no other major philosopher in American history.” Larry Hickman In July 1894, a train carrying a young philosopher from Ann Arbor, Michigan, pulled[…]

The Campaign of Asad Bin Alfurat to Conquer Byzantine Sicily

An introduction and prologue for the first campaigns against Sicily and the relations between both Sicily and Byzantines with Aghlabids state. By Dr. Sattam Zuheir AlkhateebDepartment of Basic SciencesMaan CollegeBalqa Applied University Early Islamic Campaigns against Sicily The first attempted invasion against Sicily had occurred during the reign of Mu’awiah bin Abi Sufain in Syria[…]

Ancient Greek Temples of Sicily

Greek temples are one of the earliest well-defined expressions of what we now recognize as the Western tradition in architecture. Introduction There are at least a thousand reasons to visit Sicily, the great island – indeed the largest in the Mediterranean – that forms the triangular football to the boot that is the Italian peninsula. They are all[…]