Thanksgiving and the Puritan Separatists Who Arrived Aboard the Mayflower

The overcrowded vessel’s crossing took more than two harrowing months. In 1620, the Mayflower plowed across the Atlantic through headwinds and ocean currents at an incredibly slow two miles per hour. The overcrowded vessel’s crossing took more than two harrowing months. On the way, its 102 passengers witnessed an astonishing scene. During a fierce storm, an indentured[…]

Imaging Technology Reveals 15th-Century Cartographer’s World View

The map had much to say about the intellectual rapport between cartographers and navigators in the fifteenth century. For many years after it was donated to Yale University in 1962, a detailed world map completed in 1491 by Henricus Martellus and in all likelihood consulted by Christopher Columbus hung unobtrusively on a wall outside of[…]

Torcello: Tracing the First Settlers of the Venetian Lagoon

Examining who they were and why they started settling in this (at first sight) illogical location. Introduction Venice was one of the most powerful empires in maritime history. It is now a leading tourist attraction and a must-visit for anyone interested in history and cross-cultural influence. People are drawn to this picturesque city to see the canals, ride gondolas, taste[…]

Ancient Sicily

Sicily’s historical legacy today includes some of the most impressive and best-preserved ancient monuments in the Mediterranean. By Mark CartwrightHistorian Introduction The Mediterranean island of Sicily, with its natural resources and strategic position on ancient trading routes, aroused the intense interest of successive empires from Carthage to Athens to Rome. Consequently, the island was never[…]

Rule of Law as the Measure of Political Legitimacy in the Ancient Greek City-States

The ideal was formulated in the Archaic period and became a feature of Greek identity. Abstract This paper explores how a conception of the rule of law (embodied in a variety of legal and political institutions) came to affirm itself in the world of the ancient Greek city states. It argues that such a conception,[…]

Ancient Greece: From Indo-Europeans to Mycenaeans

There are definite sources of influence on early Greek culture to be found in the history of the second millennium. Introduction When did the people living in and around the central Mediterranean Sea in the locations that make up Greece become Greeks? No simple answer is possible, because the concept of identity includes not just[…]

What Is Alcohol Use Disorder and What Is the Treatment?

Alcohol use disorder is also known as alcoholism. This is a condition where an individual has a physical need or a desire to drink alcohol even when its negative effects on their life are apparent. People with alcohol use disorders were called alcoholics in the past. But, this is now considered a negative and unhelpful[…]