Emma Willard’s Maps of Time

Exploring the pioneering work of a leading feminist educator whose innovative maps of time laid the groundwork for the charts and graphics of today. This article, Emma Willard’s Maps of Time, was originally published in The Public Domain Review under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0. If you wish to reuse it please see: https://publicdomainreview.org/legal/ We live in[…]

A History of Guilds from the Medieval Era

Guilds started as small associations of skilled artisans, experienced and confirmed experts in their field of handicraft. Introduction A guild is an association of craftspeople in a particular trade. The earliest guilds may have been formed in India circa 3800 B.C.E., and certainly existed in Roman times. They particularly flourished in Medieval Europe, where they[…]

Medieval Trades

Trades and trading practices varied over time and place throughout the Middle Ages. By Mark CartwrightHistorian Introduction Many trades in medieval times were essential to the daily welfare of the community and those who had learned a skill through apprenticeship could expect to make a higher and more regular income than farmers or even soldiers.[…]

King John’s Abdication of Power and Death in Medieval England

King John has gone down in history as one of the very worst kings ever to sit on the English throne, both for his character and his failures. By Mark CartwrightHistorian Introduction King John of England (aka John Lackland) ruled from 1199 to 1216 CE. The son of Henry II of England (r. 1154-1189 CE)[…]

Lucius Tarquinius Superbus: The Overthrow and Exile of Rome’s Last King

His reign is described as a tyranny that justified the abolition of the monarchy. Introduction Lucius Tarquinius Superbus (died 495 BC) was the legendary seventh and final king of Rome, reigning from 535 BC until the popular uprising in 509 BC that led to the establishment of the Roman Republic. He is commonly known as[…]

Benefits of Passing Microsoft 70-778 exam. Where to Find Most Reliable Exam Dumps?

The world today is very advanced and uses a lot of technologies for almost every task. Further contributing to the competitive nature of businesses, BI reporting has become a necessity in many organizations. They use various software to support their data collection and reporting. Among the many software available, Microsoft Power BI takes a prominent[…]