Defending Thought: A Ghost of Galileo in the Early Modern English Civil War

Of all the causes to which Galileo’s image has been applied, freedom of thought and expression is the weightiest. Our world is full of symbols that orient, instruct, annoy, or command us. Think of traffic signs, corporate logos, national flags, religious objects and apparel, emojis, as well as individuals representative of causes we may oppose[…]

Saint Gerard of Cenad and the Intellectual Disputes of the Year 1000

Exploring the doctrinal positions of the Church in the context of the Western intellectual disputes around the year 1000. Introduction This paper aims to situate St. Gerard of Cenad’s position in apocalyptic millenarianism as differentia specifica in genus proximum of the doctrinal position of the Church, subscribing to the thesis that Gerard’s position constituted an[…]

Ancient Oral Transmission: A Marriage of Music, Literature, Tradition, and Culture

Typically oral transmission refers to the basic action of passing information, in this case music, through oral and aural means. By Emma PattersonMusic Specialist and Vocal Coach There are a number of misunderstandings about ancient oral transmission that negatively affect the way musicians view music history but also the process of how music was and[…]

Orality and Performance in Ancient Israel

Oral-and-literate ancient Israel probably had performance settings that were standardized for its oral narrative literature. By Dr. Robert D. Miller II, O.F.S.Ordinary Professor of Old TestamentAssociate Dean for Graduate StudiesThe Catholic University of America Recent studies in oral tradition have shown that many societies produced oral and written literature simultaneously. Such a model for biblical[…]

Business Leaders Discuss Digital Marketing in 2021

Who still needs convincing that digital marketing is the way of the future? Surprisingly, many companies are holding out and keeping their digital marketing budgets to a minimum, even with so much evidence to the contrary. It’s time to take a top-to-bottom look at why digital marketing is so important, and what businesses can do[…]