Medieval People in Town and Country: New Perspectives from Demography and Bioarchaeology

Examining the contrasts and interplay of rural and urban medieval societies. By Dr. Maryanne KowaleskiJoseph Fitzpatrick S.J. Distinguished Professor of HistoryFordham University Introduction Medievalists, especially medievalists in North America, pay far too little attention to the medieval 90 percent, above all the peasants, who vastly outnumbered the kings, popes, poets, mystics, preachers, and artists that[…]

The Curious Whispers of Shakespeare’s Musings on Religion

Scholars have scoured the works of the great playwright for clues about his faith. A scholar of theology and Shakespeare’s works says it isn’t as simple as that. By Dr. Anthony D. BakerProfessor of Systematic TheologySeminary of the Southwest Introduction William Shakespeare’s role as a religious guide is not an obvious one. While the work[…]

The Role of Magic in the Development of Early Christianity

Although many modern people tend to see ‘magic’ and ‘religion’ as separate, magic was actually integral to the development of Christianity. By Dr. Shaily Shashikant PatelAssistant Professor of Early ChristianityVirginia Tech Introduction Americans are fascinated by magic. TV shows like “WandaVision” and “The Witcher,” books like the Harry Potter series, plus comics, movies and games about[…]

Introduction to the Basics of Working in China for Foreigners

Can individuals hire foreigners to work in China? First of all, according to Article 33 of the Regulations on the Administration of Foreigners’ Employment in China, individual entrepreneurs and individuals are not allowed to hire foreigners to work in China. Secondly, other organizations, including enterprises, can hire foreigners to work in China under legal employment[…]