Introduction to the Basics of Working in China for Foreigners

Can individuals hire foreigners to work in China?

First of all, according to Article 33 of the Regulations on the Administration of Foreigners’ Employment in China, individual entrepreneurs and individuals are not allowed to hire foreigners to work in China.

Secondly, other organizations, including enterprises, can hire foreigners to work in China under legal employment procedures.

What are the requirements for foreigners to come to China for employment?

For foreigners to come to China for employment, China currently has a permit system. According to Article 5 and 6 of the regulations on the employment of foreigners in China.

1、The foreigner should be engaged in a job with certain special characteristics and there is a temporary shortage of suitable candidates in China.

2. The foreigners working in China shall meet the requirements of the classification standards for foreigners working in China.

3、The employer should first apply to the competent industry department for the foreigner to work in China, and after approval, go to the labor administration department with the application form for approval and receive the employment permit for foreigners.

4. Within 15 days after the foreigner’s entry into China, the employer shall apply for the employment permit with the foreigner’s employment permit, passport and labor contract to the original permit issuing authority.

5. Within 30 days after entry, the foreigner shall apply for a residence permit at the public security authorities of the place of employment.

Foreigners who meet these 3 categories of criteria can be employed and work in China.

According to the classification standards for foreigners working in China (for trial implementation), foreigners working in China are divided into three categories: A, B and C. The classification management is carried out according to the standards.

01 High-end foreign talents (Category A)

Foreign high-end talents, such as scientists, scientific and technological leaders, international entrepreneurs and special talents, which are urgently needed for China’s economic and social development, and which meet the national priorities and catalogs for the introduction of foreign talents and one of the following conditions, are identified as category A. The “green channel” and “shortage tolerance” services are implemented.

02 Foreign Professionals (Category B)

(A) Foreign professionals with a bachelor’s degree or above and 2 years or more relevant work experience.

03 Other foreign personnel (Category C)

Other foreign personnel who meet the domestic labor market demand and meet the national policy regulations are determined as Category C

Application for work visa submission materials will be recorded by the system. If you are not sure how to avoid the application failure and rejection due to the first-time application, or to eliminate the trouble of submitting incomplete materials or wrong application being rejected when applying, choose a more suitable application plan to improve the one-time success rate.

If you do find a job in China, firs thing toy need to do is to apply work permit in order to apply the China work visa. Click here to see the detail instructions about Chinese embassy authentication service for the work permit. After you receive your work permit, then you can use Visa Express to get your work visa.



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