Bean Press: COVID-19 Socio-Economic Fallout Threatens Global Coffee Industry

COVID-19’s socio-economic effects will likely cause another severe production crisis in the coffee industry, according to a Rutgers University-led study. The study, which appears in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, included researchers from the University of Arizona, University of Hawaii at Hilo, CIRAD, Santa Clara University, Purdue University West Lafayette and University[…]

Noah Webster: Chronicler of Disease and Epidemics in the 18th and 19th Centuries

As a newspaper editor, he covered the outbreak of yellow fever; as an historian, he searched for the causes of epidemics. Noah Webster was an all-around do-gooder of the founding generation. He is remembered specifically for his blue-backed speller and the leading role he played in the creation of an American dictionary. In the speller,[…]

Traveling Brew: Resilience Solutions for the Coffee Sector in Colombia

Coffee production is vulnerable to climate variability, as deviations from normal environmental conditions have demonstrable impacts. By Dr. Carmen Lacambra-SeguraBiologistGrupo Laera By Juan Jose Lacambra SeguraCEOGrupo Laera By Dominic MolloyHead of International Support StrategyUK Cabinet Office The Coffee Sector in Colombia Overview Historically, coffee has been one of the most important crops in Colombia, representing[…]

Benjamin Franklin’s Fight against a Deadly Virus in 1721

When Bostonians in 1721 faced a deadly smallpox outbreak, a new procedure called inoculation was found to help fend off the disease. By Dr. Mark CanadaExecutive Vice Chancellor for Academic AffairsIndiana University Kokomo By Dr. Christian ChauretDean of School of Sciences, Professor of MicrobiologyIndiana University Kokomo Introduction Exactly 300 years ago, in 1721, Benjamin Franklin[…]

Roast Review: Aspects That Influence Coffee Flavor and Consumption

Exploring coffee drinking and aspects such as environment, processing, and preparation that influence flavor. By Dr. Denis SenindeConsumer and Sensory ResearcherCenter for Sensory Analysis and Consumer BehaviorKansas State University By Dr. Edgar Chambers IVUniversity Distinguished ProfessorDirector, Center for Sensory Analysis and Consumer BehaviorKansas State University Abstract Flavor continues to be a driving force for coffee’s[…]

John Haygarth and Paying People to Get Vaccinated in 1798

He raised donations to pay local doctors to perform the procedure and to pay poor families for bringing their children. By Dr. Margaret DeLacyPresidentNorthwest Independent Scholars Association Several states now offer incentives for COVID vaccinations, hoping that enough people will sign up to drive the infection rate down and protect the entire community. When this[…]