4 Crucial Steps to Writing an Impressive Historical Essay

As a student, you may often wonder why you need to study history. The most cliched answer you would get is that “we must learn from our mistakes.” But that is not the only reason why you need to study history.

It is an essential subject because it helps us to understand several aspects of the formation and progress of civilization. History can be connected to anthropology, the formation of society, changes and impact of human behavior, events that shaped the world, and several other aspects.

We understand that studying history is not the easiest task for most students, especially if you are inclined towards science subjects. Writing a history homework essay is even more difficult because you have to remember and provide a lot of information, which must be relevant and coherent with the topic.

In this article, we are going to tell you the steps of writing a history homework essay that can impress your teacher or professor.

The Objective of the Essay

The first step would be to understand the topic of your history essay and the information that you must provide in it. Any history essay must get divided into several parts. They are:

  • The historic events that took place during a certain period
  • The series of circumstances that led to the event
  • How the event started, magnified, and ended
  • The inferences that can be drawn from the event

Based on these requirements, you would need to determine what type of essay you are expected to write. You may need to praise or criticize a particular event or could be required to emphasize and analyze the circumstances that led to the said event. Therefore, you must plan your essay depending on what your teacher or professor expects from you.

Determine the Sources

Over you have established the objectives of the essay, you would need to make a list of sources to gather the required information. You can refer to your class notes, but most of the time, it would not be sufficient. Your teacher or professor would expect you to conduct further research on the subject, and your grades will depend on how deep you did to get the details.

You can look for information from the library books, but that might be a time-taking affair. Instead, we would suggest you gather information from the resources available on the internet. You can also consult tutors and look at online history answers to get as many details as you can. However, when you gather information on the internet, make sure that you collect them from reputed sources.

Use the Correct Writing Style

Writing a history homework essay is quite different from a science assignment. Your teacher or professor would expect you to present the information in a certain way, so you must know that.

The introduction is probably the most essential part of your essay. An ideal introduction must be able to impress your teacher or professor and get him or her hooked to your assignment. There are several tricks to write the perfect introduction to a history essay. It should be long enough to provide a brief of your homework, and yet not so long that the reader feels bored.

Ideally, you can start with a broad perspective and then narrow it down to the subject of your assignment. Do not write an introduction with definitions, cliches, or quotes from historical figures. Instead, you can provide interesting data related to the topic or a question that provokes the reader to find the answer from your essay.

Most history homework essays must be written in the past tense when you are describing previous events. However, when you present your analysis, do not forget to change the tense. Since you would be writing about events that have occurred in the past, avoid using a vague generalization.

Instead, provide specific data that has historical accuracy. Provide quotes made by significant people instead of paraphrasing and mention the source along with it. When you write the essay, make sure you show respect to the historical figures, even if you do not agree with their ideology. 

Proofread and Rewrite

Get all the necessary information in the first draft and highlight the issues and errors in it before you write the second draft. You may need to proofread your essay a couple of times and redraft it more than once. While it applies to every homework, it is especially applicable to history essays because presenting so much information can feel confusing. 
Writing an essay for history homework can be a challenging task indeed. But as long as you follow the steps mentioned in this article, you would be able to write an assignment that will impress your professor and get you the grades you wanted.



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