4 Great Sources Students Can Use For Writing An Academic Paper On Ancient Rome

By Amanda Dudley

The Roman Empire spanned several centuries and has had a major influence on the world at large. As such, there is a huge chance that you may find yourself in a situation where you are required to write a paper on Ancient Rome society. But where exactly do you get your sources from?

Even though movies and fictional novels can offer a good idea of what ancient Rome looked like, they aren’t reliable sources as they are usually based on someone’s creative imagination.

A great way to avoid the hassle of source-hunting for this kind of paper is to hire a college essay writing service to do the job for you. However, if you prefer to write your essay yourself, here are some great sources you can use:

Latin Library

As a student who is trying to write an academic paper, the library should be your first point of call. Here’s why: most physical and digital libraries contain an extensive list of reliable resources that can help you write a comprehensive paper.

However, you should focus on the Latin section as it contains the relevant materials you may be looking for. In this section, you will find Ancient Rome writing scrolls and scripts. You will also find extensive texts on Roman leaders and figures such as Augustus, Caesar and Cicero.

Pro Tip: Rather than combing through general libraries for Latin books and texts, you should visit a Latin library to concentrate and narrow down your research.


Historical journals are reliable Ancient Rome primary sources. Most of these journals have been peer-reviewed which makes them more authentic and credible.

However, if you aren’t sure of the right journals to use for your academic paper, you could start with the Journal of Roman Studies. This journal has been in existence for up to one century and is recognized as one of the leading UK journals in this field.

In this journal and other similar ones, you will find peer-reviewed papers on Latin literature and Roman history – including topics on the Roman economy and democracy system.

Pro Tip: Finding the right, correct information on Ancient Rome can be a little tricky at times. As such, it’s best to stick to only peer-reviewed journals if you’re trying to write a credible paper.


Who doesn’t love museums? Well, museums are not just fun and entertaining – they can also provide extensive information for your academic paper. For instance, the British museum offers an exhibition of the Roman Empire.

This exhibition spans a period of over 1000 years and displays objects which reflect the geographical and cultural diversity of Ancient Rome.

Although these exhibitions may not provide you with a thesis statement per se, they can be a secondary source of information as they provide a clear idea of what the old Roman Empire looked like. When drafting your academic paper, you could visit the museum to get a visual description of Rome’s structure.

The Internet

The good old Internet – one of the most popular sources of information for students across the world. Thanks to an increased interest in the peculiarities of Ancient Rome, there are tons of websites that offer information on the subject. In fact, you can easily find all the information you need with a quick Google search.

However, it’s important to filter the information you get from the internet as they could be mere speculations or a figment of the writers’ opinions. A great way to ensure that you get only factual information from the internet is by cross-checking with peer-reviewed journals and articles.

Tips for Writing an Academic Paper On Ancient Rome

If you’re looking to write a comprehensive, polished essay or academic paper on Ancient Rome, here are some tips that you may find useful:

Choose the topic wisely

There are tons of historical research paper topics you could choose from. However, it’s important to be deliberate about the kind of topic you want to work on or else you’d end up feeling strained. When choosing a topic, stick to one that holds your interest and is within the scope of your abilities.

Are you interested in the Roman gods and religious activities? Or are you more fascinated by the legal system in Ancient Rome?

It is advisable to choose a narrow topic, rather than a generalized one to avoid feeling overwhelmed. For instance, instead of writing on the changes in Ancient Rome, you can focus on a more specific area such as the evolution of the democratic system.

Use as many sources as possible

When writing an academic paper on the Ancient Rome society, don’t just stick to one source. Use a variety of sources, from journals to textbooks and even live exhibitions. This will help to ensure that you extract as much information as you need for a comprehensive paper.

Ask for second opinions

If you aren’t sure your essay is good enough, you can ask for a second opinion from your professor or colleagues. Having a second opinion can put things into perspective and show you what your paper looks like to your audience. In turn, this will help you know the areas to polish or cut out.

Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to write a comprehensive academic paper on the Ancient Roman Empire, the resources outlined in this article will get you off to a great start. Remember to use as many sources as you can find and ask for expert opinions if you can.

Good luck!

Amanda Dudley is a seasoned essay writer who delivers quality academic papers and dissertations at EssayUSA. She earned a Ph.D. in History at Stanford University in 2001 and ever since then, she has pursued a fulfilling career in lecturing and education.



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