4-year-old Boy Shot by Sister when Mother Leaves Them in Vehicle with Gun – NO CHARGES


By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.25.2016

A mother left her two children in her vehicle as she went to shop in a grocery store in Birmingham, Alabama, Thursday evening (Mar 24), and the 4-year-old boy was shot when his sister picked up the gun and it discharged.

The boy’s skull was grazed, though thankfully not penetrated.  He remains in stable condition at Children’s of Alabama.

Birmingham Police Department spokesman Sgt. Brian Shelton said, “If you choose to own a gun you have to be safety minded and exercise a higher standard of care.  We’re glad he’s OK.”

Believe it or not, Shelton said he does not anticipate any charges to filed in the case!  A mother endangers her children and one is almost killed, but there will be no charges.  No child neglect, endangerment – nothing.

If we’re not even willing to hold people accountable for incidents such as this, perhaps out of fear of “comin’ to get them guns” or some other reason, then we’re really in trouble.

This mother will not be accountable, not with so much as a ticket.

Hopefully the child survives to adulthood.