5 Benefits of Working Abroad

Working abroad is an experience that many young, ambitious professionals seek when starting out in their careers. In fact, 59% of millennials claimed they would be willing to work in a different country at some point in their lifetime.

Global travel is commonly regarded as a life-changing experience and has the scope to widen the mind and future professional opportunities.Employers are keen to hire candidates who have proven experience of working abroad, as it demonstrates that they are willing to step out of their comfort zones and try something new.If you’re thinking about working abroad in the near future, here are five key benefits to be aware of:

  • Enhanced resumé

Although you may already have a jam-packed resumé, working abroad is considered the cherry on top of the cake for most employers. Your experience will become a key talking point in any interview, as it shows you have the ambition, independence, and self-determination to live and work in unfamiliar surroundings. These are attractive traits in any potential candidate, as they can be adapted to just about any workplace environment.

  • Step out of your comfort zone

If you have always preferred to stay in your comfort zone, you’ll only be holding yourself back. Sticking to a mundane routine because of irrational fears won’t allow you to make the most out of life. Sometimes, it’s all about taking the leap of faith and seeing what else is out there to discover. Working abroad pushes you to become more organized by booking everything from flights and hotels to Seattle Tacoma airport parking, gaining independence, traveling alone, and networking with other professionals.

  • Learn a new language

There are many advantages to learning a second language, and if you have never had the time or opportunity to try it, working abroad is the ideal way to get started. Not only is it a personal achievement, but future employers will also look favorably on this new skill. Multilingualism is now a requirement to work in the majority of global businesses, and you may find that more jobs will be open to you.Your communication and confidence skills will also improve due to relating to a wider group of people.

  • Higher wages

Employees working abroad tend to be paid a higher salary than those in offices back in the USA. As some countries are short of talent in specific industries, your services will be greatly appreciated, and this will be reflected in your pay packet. It’s worth looking into which countries are desperately seeing your skillset before deciding whether it would be a wise decision to work overseas for financial reasons.

  • Increases cultural awareness

Working abroad not only helps you progress professionally, but it also encourages growth on a personal basis. You may find that the perceptions you have carried with you throughout your life aren’t accurate, and you are now able to witness situations from a completely different angle due to living in a new culture. This will go on to make you a much more well-rounded and interesting individual and stimulate thought-provoking conversations.