A Guide on How to Defend a Dissertation

A dissertation defense is a crucial moment in the life of every student. It is a very stressful situation that makes students nervous about everything. If you still don’t have the paper you may ask someone “Can you do my dissertation for me?”. But if you have already managed the paper you may wonder how to defend it correctly. And we have the answer. In the article, we will cover easy but working tips to perform your paper to the audience.

Dissertation Defense: What Is It?

If you take your last course in college you should know what a dissertation defense is. It is a large scientific paper that you have to present in front of the committee. The audience will carefully listen to you and then ask questions considering your dissertation topic and presentation in general. The questions may be tricky and ask for a broad answer. But you shouldn’t be worried too much about the answers. Your paper has been assessed already, and the defense process is more like a formality. But you still need to prepare for it to get a degree. The following tips will help you manage nervousness, keep calm, and be confident about your answers.

  • Work on the questions beforehand. When you start working on the paper it seems like you have plenty of time, ideas, and motivation. But the time flies quickly, and you start understanding that you don’t keep up with the pace. For this reason, you need to think about the questions during the paper writing process. When you type the text, look for the resources and create the paragraphs, think critically. What is interesting about this chapter? On what can the listener accentuate the attention? By asking such questions, you can come up with a comprehensive list of potential questions. You will gather the information and be ready to generate answers. Even if you don’t predict all the possible options, you will be able to manipulate your knowledge and produce decent answers.
  • Don’t forget about your outlook. Defending a paper is a serious event. The professors will gather in one room to evaluate your work. Not only professors but other college staff and administration may come in to listen to your presentation. For this reason, you need to respect others and dress up accordingly. If you have a specific uniform, it is better to choose it for the event.
  • Ask for help. Defending your paper requires time and lots of work on the interrelated things. You may need help from your friend or groupmate. Ask someone to manage the responsibilities to alleviate your stress. This person can manage all the technical aspects to help you focus on the performance.
  • Be ready to change the plan. You need a backup strategy if anything goes wrong. When you work on the presentation, you use your computer or laptop at home. But the defense is usually held in a room with a big screen to broadcast the presentations. You can’t be sure that everything will go smoothly with your project. Try to predict curious situations and be ready to save the performance.
  • How to act if you don’t know the answer? It is not a time for panic. You should stay calm and think over the answer. Sometimes, professors pose tricky questions to see if you know the subject and if you can orient in the topic in general. You can always say that you don’t know the answer. But try to be more creative. Perhaps, the professor simply wants to evaluate your behavior in stressful situations and understand if you know how to meet challenges.
  • Are you feeling nervous about the presentation? There’s nothing weird about it. The professors understand that you may feel a shiver of nervousness. But it’s okay. If you prepare well and know the subject, you should be less stressed. If you don’t get the question, ask to repeat it. You won’t get fewer points for it. Don’t make your speech too fast. You can miss useful and important facts if you speak too fast. Stay calm and process the information before generating the answer. The professors will give you time to think. If you can’t manage your stress, try breathing exercises, and have water with you.
  • Smile to the audience. You don’t need to cheer them up or tell funny stories. But a smile will please the committee and make them listen to you with more interest. But try to manage your extra laughs. It may happen when you are very concerned about the presentation. But remember that such behavior may disappoint or irritate the listeners.

Do You Need Help?

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