Ana Navarro and Tara Setmayer: Deserving of Respect


Navarro01  Setmayer01

Ana Navarro (left) and Tara Setmayer (right)

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 06.03.2016
Brewminate Editor-in-Chief

As Republicans far and wide seem to be selling their souls in spite of their words during the primaries, some are not buying into the walking disaster that is Donald Trump.  CNN Republican commentators Ana Navarro and Tara Setmayer are two shining examples.

In interviews with Anderson Cooper, both have said unequivocally that they will not under any circumstances vote for Trump.  Navarro gives some pause when saying that he needs to start unifying people – that gives the impression that she may forget everything he’s said and toss in support as well.  I don’t see that happening.

In the following video from an interview involving both ladies on Anderson Cooper today, Navarro rips Trump “a new one” and is joined with nods and agreements by Setmayer.

Navarro ends by saying she will NOT give her vote to Trump, and Setmayer says, “I’m with you sister.”

I am a liberal person and would likely disagree with both of them on a number of things, but Trump has done the impossible – he actually is uniting people, against him!

Trump’s lackeys (surrogates) somehow keep straight faces when defending his latest daily blunders, and in a couple of cases I’ve detecting some wavering as even they seem hard-pressed to jump to a rational defense.

Navarro and Setmayer demand decency, honesty, and integrity in their party’s nominee, and they make no bones that he is sorely lacking and will not support him.

Good for them!  At least some are maintaining their character and refusing to sell themselves simply for a win.