The Ancient Assyrian Empire and What Made Them a Superpower

Back in the times of the early bronze era or approximately 2000 BCE (long before things such as cars, telephones, internet, video games, Intertops Casino bonus) was the empire known as Assyria. The Assyrian Empire was the largest empire of its time and lasted for almost fourteen hundred years. All in all, a long time to[…]

Ancient Assyrian Reliefs Tell the Story of an Empire

Exploring tales of military might, myth, and court life as told through stone sculptures. Interview of Dr. Timothy PottsDirectorThe J. Paul Getty Museum “The reliefs show people being impaled on spikes and the enemy being decapitated and sometimes flayed alive. I mean it’s absolutely brutal, and it was intended to intimidate.” With a powerful empire[…]

Hezekiah and the Assyrian Tribute

Seal of Hezekiah, 8th century BCE / Creative Commons The tribute provides valuable information for the reconstruction of the social and cultural history of the early Israelites.    By Gail A. Röthlin and Dr. Magdel le Roux Röthlin: Magister Student le Roux: Professor of Biblical and Ancient Studies University of South Africa Abstract The immensity of Hezekiah’s tribute[…]

Adad Nirary I and the Expansion of the Assyrian Empire

This Assyrian relief from the North-West Palace in Kalhu (c. 865-860 BCE) shows King Ashurnasirpal advancing on an enemy city, protected by a shield-bearer. Ahead is a wheeled siege engine, which carries more archers and contains a lever-operated battering ram (not visible in this photo). / Photo by Jan van der Crabben, British Museum Nirari is best known as[…]