Hezekiah and the Assyrian Tribute

Seal of Hezekiah, 8th century BCE / Creative Commons The tribute provides valuable information for the reconstruction of the social and cultural history of the early Israelites.    By Gail A. Röthlin and Dr. Magdel le Roux Röthlin: Magister Student le Roux: Professor of Biblical and Ancient Studies University of South Africa Abstract The immensity of Hezekiah’s tribute[…]

Adad Nirary I and the Expansion of the Assyrian Empire

This Assyrian relief from the North-West Palace in Kalhu (c. 865-860 BCE) shows King Ashurnasirpal advancing on an enemy city, protected by a shield-bearer. Ahead is a wheeled siege engine, which carries more archers and contains a lever-operated battering ram (not visible in this photo). / Photo by Jan van der Crabben, British Museum Nirari is best known as[…]