Earliest Evidence of Cat Domestication Found in China

So, you found my ancestors? Are you sure this time? epsos There has been much debate about how cats went from hunting in the wild to a much-loved pet. By Akshat Rathi / 12.16.2013 Former Science and Data Editor The Conversation There has been much debate about how cats went from hunting in the wild to a much-loved pet. That is because[…]

Are We Overcranking the Cat?

By Pamela Merritt / 05.20.2016 We might not realize how fragile our cat’s nervous system really is. Yes, they are magnificent predators with talon-like claws, lots of sharp and pointy teeth, with incredible reflexes. It’s those incredible reflexes. Cats are energy storage devices. If that energy builds up too far, there will be trouble. How[…]