Why Getting a History Degree in 2021 Is Worth It

It’s true that a history major isn’t quite popular amongst students. However, that might be because we have an inaccurate picture of the subject. It is an excellent educational path if you’re curious about fateful past events and how the world works. Many people have the misconception that history is just about knowing time and[…]

Encouraging Students to Revise What They Write

While writing can be a challenge, so can finding the motivation to revise one’s work. By Dr. Narmada PaulPostdoctoral Scholar in Educational PsychologyUniversity of Kentucky Introduction When high school students get into the habit of revising their writing, it has a positive impact on the quality of their work. Despite the proven benefits of revision, students often resist making[…]

America’s Founders Believed Civil Education and Historical Knowledge Would Prevent Tyranny

The U.S. founders believed education would be crucial to maintaining our republic. Introduction The majority of Americans today are anxious; they believe their democracy is under threat. In fact, democracies deteriorate easily. As was feared since the times of Greek philosopher Plato, they may suddenly succumb to mob rule. The people will think they have an inalienable right[…]

Past and Present: Is America Headed for a Scopes Moment over Critical Race Theory?

A century ago a similar right-wing outrage campaign was launched against the teaching of evolution in public schools. In a recent debate over a law to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory, Tennessee legislator Justin Lafferty (R) explained to his colleagues that the 3/5th Compromise of 1787, used to determine a state’s representation in[…]

Past and Present: Locating the Present in the Past in Teaching World History

World history surveys must help introduce students to a wider past that actively sheds light on the present, By Dr. Peter N. StearnsUniversity Professor, Provost EmeritusGeorge Mason University One of the daunting aspects of teaching world history is the realization of how much has to be left out. Constraints of the survey course and even[…]

Listen and Learn: Why History Matters in Understanding Today

We’re never far from where we were. Dr. Cox explains why that’s important to know. “History is H.O.T. right now,” Dr. Karen Cox explains. When looking at recent events, like the Unite the Right rally that took place in August 2017 in Charlottesville, VA, history helps shape our understanding. History can explain the importance that[…]

Educational Advancement during the Early Medieval Carolingian Renaissance

The Carolingian Renaissance “had a spectacular effect on education and culture in Francia”. Curated/Reviewed by Matthew A. McIntoshPublic HistorianBrewminate Introduction The Carolingian Renaissance was the first of three medieval renaissances, a period of cultural activity in the Carolingian Empire. It occurred from the late 8th century to the 9th century, taking inspiration from the Christian Roman Empire of the fourth century. During[…]

A History of Education since Ancient Civilizations

There is considerable evidence of early education, as evidenced by written language. Curated/Reviewed by Matthew A. McIntoshPublic HistorianBrewminate Introduction The history of education extends at least as far back as the first written records recovered from ancient civilizations. Studies of modern peoples remote from western or other civilizations and with little history of a written culture, nevertheless[…]

A History of the University of Cambridge since the 13th Century

In 1209, scholars taking refuge from hostile townsmen in Oxford migrated to Cambridge and settled there. Early Records When we first come across Cambridge in written records, it was already a considerable town. The bridge across the River Cam or Granta, from which the town took its name, had existed since at least 875. The[…]

Alma Mater Studiorum: A History of the University of Bologna since 1088

The University of Bologna saw the first woman to earn a university degree and teach at a university. Introduction The University of Bologna is a research university in Bologna, Italy. Founded in 1088 by an organised guild of students (hence studiorum), it is the oldest university in continuous operation in the world, and the first university in the sense of a[…]

4 Great Sources Students Can Use For Writing An Academic Paper On Ancient Rome

By Amanda Dudley The Roman Empire spanned several centuries and has had a major influence on the world at large. As such, there is a huge chance that you may find yourself in a situation where you are required to write a paper on Ancient Rome society. But where exactly do you get your sources[…]

7 Best Schools to Study Filmmaking

Anyone can identify a good film when they see it. Movies are an integral part of modern entertainment. They have been sources of inspiration and knowledge over the years. Filmmaking is a rewarding industry, with acclaimed movie stars bagging lucrative deals. They also gain lifetime recognition.  Joining the industry can be straightforward as long as[…]

10 Ways to Pass Your STEM Classes with Ease

Learning STEM fields can help any student secure a successful career. It adapts them to find jobs in the most progressive and high-paying industries. According to analytics, about 75% of jobs today need employees with STEM skills. There is not a single school today that doesn’t offer courses on technical disciplines. However, studying those can[…]

What You Should Know About An English Course Before Taking One Up

English has been portrayed as the language of opportunity. It has more advantages than other languages in terms of profession, industry, technology, research, schooling, etc. If you’re taking an English class in middle school, high school, or graduate school, you might wonder why English matters, particularly if you’re planning to study or look for jobs[…]

Remote Learning during the 1937 Polio Epidemic

In Chicago’s 1937 ‘radio school’ experiment, technology filled the gap during a crisis. Introduction A UNICEF survey found that 94% of countries implemented some form of remote learning when COVID-19 closed schools last spring, including in the United States. This is not the first time education has been disrupted in the U.S. – nor the first time[…]

The Benefits of Learning History Better for Your Everyday Life

Many people associate history with the most boring class (besides math) in their high school experience. Largely due to the way that history is presented in the schooling system, history can often seem uninteresting and unimportant to many people. However, history can actually be an extremely enriching thing to study, and can actually help you[…]

Here’s How to Make Your Childhood Dream of Becoming a Pilot Come True

We all had a childhood dream. It is, unfortunately, by virtue of it being a childhood dream, unlikely we will ever be able to pursue it. This is because most childhood dreams are absolutely fantastic, or as we grow older, we find ourselves more cynical and less enthusiastic about becoming, shall we say… a wizard?[…]

History of Education in Society during the Second World War

The Second World War was one of the most cataclysmic events humanity has ever experienced, wreaking havoc and destruction across the world. So far reaching across the globe were the effects of the war that it comes as no surprise that many history courses will dedicate a large amount of the curriculum to understanding the[…]

Are Historians Still Ambivalent about Getting Published Online?

Cambridge University Digital History Seminar graphic A survey indicates the answer is yes. By Dr. Robert B. Townsend / 04.29.2018 Director American Academy of Arts and Sciences As earlier reports on historians’ use of technology demonstrated, most historians are gathering materials, analyzing their findings, and writing their scholarship in digital form. Curiously, however, a national survey in fall[…]

What Primary School Children Can Teach Academic Philosophers

Department for Communities/flickr/Creative Commons By Dr. Peter Worley / 03.03.2016 CEO, The Philosophy Foundation President, SOPHIA Visiting Research Associate, King’s College London ‘Would anyone like to travel through time?’ I ask my audience. More than half raise their hands. Using a random-selection app on my phone I pick a ‘time traveller’. I explain that she[…]

Vincent of Beauvais and Political Education in the Middle Ages

Vincent of Beauvais (1190 – 1264?) was a French scholar, encyclopedist and Dominican Friar. / Public Domain Analyzing  political education in the late Middle Ages, centring on the Latin work Tractatus de morali principis institutione, written in 1263 by the Dominican Vincent of Beauvais to provide guidance for princes on political affairs.    By Dr. Francisco[…]