Welcome to the New Meghalayan Age: How It Fits with Earth’s Geologic History

India’s Mawmluh Cave, home of the reference stalagmite for the newly named age. Abhijeet Khedgikar/Shutterstock.com 2018 brought the announcement of a new geologic age that covers the last 4,200 years. How do scientists divide up Earth’s timeline and what do these demarcations mean? By Dr. Steven Petsch / 09.11.2018 Associate Professor of Geosciences University of[…]

Geology and the Maya Civilization

Tikal Mayan ruins in Guatemala. Credit – chensiyuan, WIkimedia Commons Geology relates to interdisciplinary or seemingly unconnected topics, which, at first glance, might seem like they have nothing to do with geology at all. By Flo Bullough / 08.30.2013 Policy Assistant The Geological Society Introduction Here look at the pre-Columbian Maya Civilisation, partly inspired by a story on[…]

The First Brexit: When Britain Geologically Separated from Europe

Artist’s impression of waterfalls pouring over the original land bridge connecting England with France. CREDIT: Imperial College London/Chase Stone Almost half a million years ago a huge flood started breaking the apart the land bridge that joined England and France. By Dr. Simon Redfern / 04.04.2017 Professor in Earth Sciences University of Cambridge As Brexit looms, Earth scientists have[…]

Volcano Observer: Sir William Hamilton and Mount Vesuvius

Interior view of the crater of Mount Vesuvius, as it was before the eruption of 1767. Hand-colored engraving in Sir William Hamilton, Campi Phlegraei (Naples, 1776). The Getty Research Institute, 84-B29643. Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program British diplomat Sir William Hamilton documents the “fields of fire”. By Karen Meyer-Roux / 04.30.2010 Archivist Getty Research[…]

Geomythology: Can Geologists Relate Ancient Stories of Great Floods to Real Events?

Cataclysmic natural disasters frame indelible human stories. Francis Danby, The Deluge By Dr. David R. Montgomery / 08.04.2016 Professor of Earth and Space Sciences University of Washington Modern people have long wondered about ancient stories of great floods. Do they tell of real events in the distant past, or are they myths rooted in imagination?[…]