The Trouble with Gypsies

A Gypsy caravan / Wikimedia Commons Studying the Gypsies taught this British historian that we learn more about Us than Them when we see how they were treated. By Dr. David Cressy / 11.11.2018 Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History The Ohio State University Whenever I told anyone that I was writing a history of Gypsies[…]

Religious, Vagabonds, and Gypsies in Early Modern Europe

Gypsies in the Market, by Hans Burgkmair the Elder, c.1510 / Nationalmuseum, Stockholm By Dr. Shulamith Shahar Professor Emeritus of History Tel Aviv University Introduction Western Europe was made up of diverse tribes and ethnic groups, which settled there at different times.[1] Historians generally concur that nationalist ideology came into being in Europe only in[…]