Courting Disaster: House Bill 1337 and Increasing Regulations on Abortion in Indiana


Credit Diego Delso via Wikimedia Commons

From Abraham Schwab at WBOI:

Two weeks ago, the Indiana legislature passed House Bill 1337, which amends the Indiana Code and increases the regulation surrounding both abortion and miscarriages.

The bill received attention on the national level by groups that are, unsurprisingly, opposed to it on the grounds that it aims to restrict access to abortions in the state of Indiana. But within Indiana, even state representatives who are staunchly pro-life, expressed opposition to the bill’s passage.

HB1337 removes an aborted or miscarried fetus [Note] from the biological materials that can be incinerated or otherwise disposed of by a hospital or clinic (amendments to IC 16-41-16-4 and 16-41-16-5). It goes on to require that “a person or facility possessing either an aborted fetus or a miscarried fetus” must arrange for final disposition (added section IC 16-41-16-7.6), and explicitly requires that an aborted fetus (but says nothing about miscarried fetus in this section) “must be cremated or interred” (added section IC 16-34-3-4).

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