Foreign Views of Donald Trump ‘Terrifying’ – VIDEO

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.16.2016

Sky News anchors in the UK waxed frighteningly about their views on Donald Trump following his victories in Tuesday’s primaries.  His nomination is all but a certainty according to many sources and perhaps can still be undermined according to others, but they are certainly seeing it as an impending event and worried that he may win the general election.

Various statements from the analysts:

When you see some of the scenes going on over there, it’s just extraordinary.  It is quite frightening, I think. I mean, it looks as though we could have Trump as the president.

I’m not quite sure how we’re going to cope.  Hillary is doing well. So, you know, when you see some of the pictures of Trump — a lot of them [rallies] have been canceled because there’s a lot of danger arising now from his supporters. It is absolutely terrifying.

Middle West gun-shooting people who are finding him exciting.  They’ve got a lot of sway with the electorate though, the Middle West gun-toter.

It’s not so terrifying that he’s there; it’s that this is what America seems to want.

His communication with our world, with Europe or Britain and the rest of Europe is going to be everything.  It’s key. Of course, it is. Is Trump going to be able to have a relationship with Putin? How is this going to work?

Indeed, how is this going to work?  Foreign media have all but declared Trump the president already, and they’re afraid of what lies in store for the world.  Calling the president the most powerful man in the world is not a joke, it’s actually true in so many ways.

They are watching a man who will potentially have his finger on the proverbial “red button” and wondering how quick he’ll be to push it.