Glenn Beck: ‘The Constitution Comes’ And ‘All Of A Sudden We Have Microwave Ovens’ (VIDEO)


By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.21.2016

Glenn Beck said in the video below:

Just like George Washington didn’t have any idea that electricity would come and television would come and we would walk on the moon and we would free Germany and we would save the Jews in Europe, and that our country would restore and be the leader of putting Israel back on the map. He had no idea those things were coming. But it is because of that document God allowed those things to happen.

For 5,000 years, we had a fireplace, we had a fire pit.  The Constitution comes, all of a sudden we have microwave ovens! Nobody thought of that?

Leonardo da Vinci couldn’t figure out that the top of the wing needed to bend. Instead, he just kept making everything perfectly flat. But after the Constitution, after men are set free, after we start dedicating ourselves to God, all of a sudden we can just figure out that little curve will give us lift to lift the airplanes? Wow, that seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?

Mr. Beck has been listening to pseudohistorians the likes of David Barton far too much.

Really?  The Constitution and a (supposed) focus on God brought about all these wonderful inventions?  Is that it, Mr. Beck?

Please look back to the absolutely amazing things invented and constructed by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans (for only a few examples) – things where centimeters mattered, such as the Roman aqueducts running water throughout the empire and emptying into complex piping and sewage systems.

These were polytheists who worshiped a whole slew of gods and even accepted those of other cultures to a large extent.

Please pick up a history book by a real historian.