Hilarious Twitter Thread Imagining What Trump Would Say to/about Founders


By Wendy Gittleson / 07.05.2016


Donald Trump will likely go down in history (hopefully way down) as the presidential candidate who embraced Twitter as his main campaign tool. While other candidates simply tweet, Trump uses the social media platform as his main source of messaging and branding.

Of course, that often gets the candidate in hot water, especially with his habit of retweeting things from white supremacists, but because we know Trump spends so much time on Twitter, it’s the perfect format for trolling the presumed GOP presidential nominee, and that’s exactly what Twitter users have been doing for the last several days, under the hashtag, #1776Trump, which imagines Trump as a Founding Father (shudder). It’s also completely hilarious!

One of the reasons this hashtag is going completely nuts is that it is difficult to imagine Trump during the days of the founders, or for that matter, during any other time in history. Trump is a candidate made from TV and promoted by social media. His limited vocabulary is a plus when he has to post in 140 characters or less. His grandiosity and shameless self-promotions are almost expected. We’ve seen racist and nationalistic presidential candidates before. We’ve seen rich ones too, but we’ve never seen one like Donald Trump and hopefully, we’ll never see one again.