It is Not Possible for a Citizen to Infringe Upon the Freedom of Speech of Another Citizen

A Twitter exchange between Andrew Seidel, an Constitutional attorney who specializes in the first amendment (as he points out), and Trump/supporters makes a very important point:


He makes the point that the first amendment protects infringe upon the free speech of citizens from the government, not other people.  That’s the whole purpose of the Bill or Rights – to protect us from the government.

Seidel was asked for his qualifications and responded, as seen above.

When some knucklehead wrote, “Lol sure, everyone is a lawyer on the Internet”, he responded with his bio and current work.


Actually then two lessons:

  1. It is not possible for me to infringe upon your free speech rights.
  2. Be prepared to look like a fool when you call someone out and you end up being the idiot.