Peaceful Protester Viciously Punched and Stomped at Tuscon Trump Rally (VIDEO)


The violence at Donald Trump’s rallies continued in Tuscon, Arizona, this weekend, with several protesters being viciously attacked.

Video from Trump’s Saturday event has surfaced showing a peaceful protester being punched and kicked while on his way out of the rally. Bryan Sanders was being escorted out by security when he was suddenly punched in the face and stomped on by a man in the crowd, who was then promptly arrested.

As the assailant was being handcuffed, Trump railed against the protesters on the mic.

That’s a disgrace. Y’know, they’re taking away our First Amendment rights. They’re troublemakers; they’re no good. We’d better be careful. We’ve got to take our country back, folks.

Another woman in the crowd was also punched in the face, by a man, and required medical treatment by paramedics on the scene.

Frank Thorp V, from NBC, posted video of the violent assault on Sanders to his Twitter account.

Sanders was interviewed after the brutal incident. He said he is an independent and was protesting Trump’s fascism and racism. He then compared Trump’s rally to the Bernie Sanders event the night before, noting that the difference was night and day. He said it was worth getting punched if it helps to stop Trump, which he was confident would happen.

By April Hamlin