Sanders Crushing Trump in Polls 53 Percent to 38 Percent, Seen as Strongest General Election Candidate


U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks at a campaign rally in New Brunswick

Dominick Reuter / Reuters

From Tony Brasuna as Huffington Post:

Senator Bernie Sanders would defeat Donald Trump relatively easily in a general election, according to the latest polls. An average of the three most recent major polls predicts a victory of more than 14 points, which would be a landslide in modern presidential politics.

  • CNN/ORC, May 1: Sanders obliterates Trump by 16 points
  • IBD/TIPP, April 28: Sanders defeats Trump by 12 points
  • USA Today/Suffolk, April 24: Sanders defeats Trump by 15 points

As the country adjusts to the notion that a xenophobic, racist billionaire will be the Republican candidate for the presidency in November, no doubt many hope the strongest candidate emerges from the Democratic Party to defeat him.

The polls are clear on who that candidate is.

And at this point, it isn’t just the polls. Political analysis of the two Democratic campaigns also indicates Bernie Sanders is the stronger candidate.