Sen. Bernie Sanders YUUUUGELY Wins Washington and Alaska


By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.26.2016:

Sen. Bernie Sanders has soundly defeated Sec. Hillary Clinton in both the Alaska and Washington caucuses.

In Alaska, Sanders garnered 79% to Clinton’s 21%, and in Washington he defeated her 76% to 24%, with 58% and 52% point spreads, respectively.

These are the types of victories he will need going forward as he pulls the state delegate count even closer to Clinton.  She does retain a wide lead in total with the currently pledged superdelegates, but the words “currently pledged” are important to remember.

Superdelegates can change their mind and have in past elections for various reasons, the popular state delegate vote being one of those reasons.

While delivering a speech following the Alaska win, Sanders announced to supporters news of the Washington victory.  The hall erupted in applause and cheers with chants.

Sanders said, “Don’t let anyone tell you we can’t win the nomination and general election.  We can and will do both!”

The Hawaii results will be coming in later tonight.