Things You Should Know About Las Vegas, the Home of Casinos, Before Visiting

Las Vegas Nevada really is the home to the casino world. If you have never visited but enjoy casinos, gambling and parties then you really are missing out.

Located in the Nevada desert in the United States Of America it’s one of the most visited spots in the world for people wanting to visit and play in the many casinos that are located here.

The Basics

Las Vegas is located in the state of Nevada which has a hot desert climate. It rarely gets cold in Las Vegas even during the winter months, which makes it a great place to visit all year round.

During the peak months the average temperature is roughly forty degrees celsius, so it is extremely hot and sunny. Although Las Vegas can be busiest during the summer months, it is a lively place to visit all year round.

The main strip has fifty one casinos for you to visit, many being hotel resorts as well with different themes. The oldest casino on the strip is Flamingo which first opened way back in 1946.

The newest casino in Las Vegas is located downtown and is known as Circa Las Vegas and is the first to be built downtown in roughly forty years.

Things To Do

Although the most likely and obvious places you will want to visit in Vegas are the vast array of casinos, there are plenty of other things to do and visit during your time here.

The Hoover Dam is well worth the visit and is only thirty three miles away from the strip, so should only take forty five minutes to drive. There are many different tours available so research online to find the best deals.

On route to Hoover Dam you will travel through the desert so the journey alone is worthwhile just to experience and see what the dessert looks like in Nevada away from the flashy lights of the Las Vegas strip.

The Grand Canyon is another must see place during your holiday in Las Vegas. It is located 250 miles away from the strip so can take the best part of four hours travel time, so be prepared to use up a whole day of your holiday to experience the Grand Canyon.

How Many Days Should You Stay?

This really depends on how far you are travelling from, as jet lag will play a part in your decision, how big your budget is and what you plan to do.

It is possible to have a fun great time in Las Vegas over just a few days or a long weekend, but to really experience the best the city has to offer its advisable to stay for at least five to seven days.

If it is your first time try and stay for as long as your budget allows, as there really are a lot of things to do and see in Las Vegas.

How Much Money Will I Need?

Las Vegas can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be. You can have a great time here whatever your budget may be.

If you are planning on eating in top restaurants and visiting all the landmarks then you will obviously need more spending money compared if you prefer to eat fast food and only visit places that have free entry.

If you are going to Las Vegas to gamble then bear in mind most tables and games have a minimum bet amount. So if you are used to gambling with kasyna online, as there known in Poland, where you can place bets that are very small you may find betting in Vegas quite a bit more expensive.

Are Alcoholic Drinks Really Free In Vegas?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is no. Casinos tend to offer anyone who is playing at a table or gambling on one of their machines a drink service, which is free.

So while you’re gaming and gambling your drinks are offered to you for free, but you do need to give a tip to the servers, normally one or two dollars per drink.

But bear in mind this only happens while you are gambling and spending money at the tables, they want to keep you playing for as long as possible so free drinks are on the perks.

It’s important though not to get too drunk while you are gambling as this can be a fast way to lose all your money quickly. So by all means take them up on their offer of free drinks, but try and gamble with a clear head to help you make the best decisions.

What Are The Best Shows To See In Las Vegas?

There really is a wide and diverse choice of different shows that you can go to while in Las Vegas. If there are any shows in particular that you really want to see, it’s always a good idea to try and book tickets in advance, as some shows can sell out months before their performances.

Some of the most popular shows at the moment include VEGAS!, Magic Mike, The Beatles and Blue Man Group.

Tickets for shows can be quite expensive so shop around online to find the best priced deals before starting your holiday.

What Is Vegas Resort Fee?

Pretty much hotels in Las Vegas, especially those that are resorts with Casinos charge a resort fee. These are normally charged at roughly thirty five to forty five dollars per night, per room.

The fee is to cover services that you can expect from the hotel for your stay, such as use of WiFi, access to pool areas and discounts for breakfast and dinners at the hotel.

Unfortunately although these fees can add up an extra expense for your trip, they are unavoidable unless you find a hotel that does not charge resort fees.

To Sum Up

The flashing lights of Las Vegas attracts millions of visitors from across the globe all year round. It really is a magical place to visit and you should try and holiday here at least once in your life, to cross it off your bucket list.



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