Trump Press Adviser Resigns After Late-Night Tweet Storm – Not Comfortable with Campaign Direction



Now Former Trump Senior Press Representative Healy Baumgardner

By Wendy Gittleson / 09.30.2016


Like millions of Americans, Donald Trump appears to suffer from insomnia, especially when things are going horribly wrong for his campaign. Trump obviously didn’t get much sleep Thursday night/Friday morning, since he was up at least half the night insulting the media, Hillary Clinton and slut shaming former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado. All of this is proving too much for Trump’s senior press person, Healy Baumgardner, who quit.

Trump started the early morning off with an attack on the media.

Then, instead of apologizing for fat shaming Machado, as he has continuously done since the debate, Trump doubled down into slut shaming.

What is this past, you ask? Well, according to Trump, there’s a sex tape:

All of that proved too much for Trump’s now former senior press rep, Healy Baumgardner, who just a month or so ago, was defending Trump’s insults.

Still, this latest round proved to be too much for Baumgardner, who resigned, saying, “It is clear the campaign is now going in a direction I am no longer comfortable with and I have decided to move on.”

Not that it’s a huge loss for the Trump campaign. Baumgardner was hardly the sharpest tool:

Apparently, though, she was smart enough to read the writing on the wall. Trump is in a real hole with women and his constant fat shaming is not helping.