Trump Rally Postponed Due to Security Concerns, Massive Protest Splits Crowd

Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune

From Katherine Skiba and Geoff Ziezulewicz at The Chicago Tribune:

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump canceled his Friday night rally at the University of Illinois-Chicago Pavilion due to security concerns, including thousands of protesters who gathered outside.

Inside the arena, an announcement was made that Trump, upon arriving in Chicago, met with law enforcement officials and that due to protesters who had gathered “in and out of the arena, tonight’s rally will be postponed until another day.”

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News outlets are covering a massive security concern at the University of Illinois-Chicago where a Trump rally was scheduled this evening.  The crowd, consisting of thousands of people, is estimated to be practically equally split inside between protesters and supporters with more protesters outside.

Fights are breaking out all over the interior and exterior of the building, challenging authorities to get people to separate and leave.

Trump released a statement after meeting with law enforcement and canceling the rally in which he asked everyone at the event to, “Go in peace”.

Many of the protesters and supporters are young college students currently acting in the heat of the moment.

Additional law enforcement personnel are responding to the situation.