Trump says to Sanders, ‘Get your people in line, Bernie’, Ignoring his Own


From Jerry Diamond and Eugene Scott at CNN:

Donald Trump on Saturday denounced the protests that led him to cancel a scheduled rally the previous night in Chicago, calling them “a planned attack” that was “professionally done” and blaming Bernie Sanders supporters for inciting violence.

Sanders, however, pushed back against Trump, calling on him to denounce violence at his rallies and labeling him a “pathological liar.”

The accusations come on a day when Trump refused to apologize for his rhetoric at his rallies, one of which was interrupted when a man tried to rush the stage. Secret Service officers protected the GOP front-runner, who was unharmed.

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It would appear that Mr. Trump is using a double-standard.  He tells Sen. Sanders to “get your people in line” while paying no heed to the actions of his own.

Not once has Trump shown Sanders to have anything to do with the protesters at his events, and Sanders has directly stated his lack of involvement with it.  People have a right to protest in any case.

People do not have a right to physically assault others, yet Trump can’t seem to “control his people”.  Instead, he incites them more and more and shirks any responsibility for their actions.

It’s like the pot calling the kettle black, but in the case only the pot is guilty.