Trump’s Thin Skin Can’t Handle 13-Year-Old Comedian, Calls Her ‘Lame’ (VIDEO)



13-year-old comedian Lori Mae Hernandez

Lori Mae Hernandez, a 13-year-old comedian, appeared on “America’s Got Talent” and used Trump as part of her routine.

Politicians are used to comedians using them for fodder and typically take it in stride and laugh it off, and that’s when it comes to ADULT comedians.  But not Trump.  His narcissism can’t handle this.

So, in response to Lori, he Tweeted:


Yes, he calls the child lame and wants to #BanTeenagers apparently.

He just can’t set his reality TV mentality aside, along with his ego, long enough to attempt to present himself as what he’s not – a person with class.