Ho’oponopono – Understanding the Ancient Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness

The practice of Ho’oponopono has many benefits, as well as offering an important insight into the indigenous Hawaiian worldview From Jonathan Davis at Uplift: Ho’oponopono can help restore harmony within, and with others When I first encountered the practice known as Ho’oponopono, it was in an interview with Haleaka Hew Len PhD, a Hawaiian psychologist[…]

New Houston Hurricane Plan Stirs the Pot – Is ‘Coastal Spine’ a Disaster in Waiting?

The beginning of the seawall on the western edge of Galveston, Feb 14, 2016. Photo Michael Stravato A new proposal to protect the Houston area from hurricanes is reigniting controversy, and potentially diminishing the odds that a consensus will emerge anytime soon on the best plan to safeguard the nation’s fifth-largest metropolitan area. Since Hurricane Ike in 2008,[…]

‘Bring Out Yer Dead!’ – Walking Corpse Road

Illustration from “Death’s Doings” by Richard Dagley (1827) (via British Library) From Allison Meier from Atlas Obscura: Funerals in the Middle Ages were very DIY. Not only did you personally tend to your loved one’s decomposing corpse, you had to carry it all the way to the churchyard. And for many medieval citizens, that could be[…]

MRSA Superbug’s Resistance to Antibiotics is Broken!

Soon to be vanquished? Nano Art Ltd/Science Photo Library From New Scientist: From superbug to… bug. Newly discovered chemical compounds can make MRSA bacteria vulnerable to the antibiotics they normally resist, restoring the old drug’s former powers. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureaus, commonly known as MRSA, is a major cause of hospital-acquired infections, and the second biggest[…]

Frank Luntz: Young Voters Spell Doom for GOP

Snapchat generation’s chasm of disconnection with Republicans is a long-term electoral crisis. Photo: Scott Olson, Getty Images From Frank Luntz at USA Today: In our recent national survey of 1,000 first- and second-time voters ages 18 to 26, Republicans weren’t just off on the wrong track. They were barely on the radar with this Snapchat generation, as[…]

Lost Libraries – Thomas Browne

In the latter half of the 17th century the English polymath Thomas Browne wrote Musaeum Clausum, an imagined inventory of ‘remarkable books, antiquities, pictures and rarities of several kinds, scarce or never seen by any man now living’. Claire Preston explores Browne’s extraordinary catalogue amid the wider context of a Renaissance preoccupation with lost intellectual[…]

Brandeburg v. Ohio – Why has Donald Trump not been Arrested and Charged?

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.13.2016 The Supreme Court ruled in Brandburg v. Ohio (1969) that and provided a two-pronged test to determine when speech escalated to criminal activity.  The Court ruled that speech is not protected under the following two conditions: speech can be prohibited if it is “directed at inciting or producing imminent[…]

‘Your Purpose’ – ‘Have sex and have children because you ain’t never gonna be smart’

Teacher accused of calling student “dumbest girl he ever met” Shaniaya Hunter, WSB-TV Screenshot From WSB-TV Atlanta: Hunter was recording a lesson on a school-issued iPad when the teacher said things about her she’ll never forget. The teacher also allegedly told Hunter, “You know what your purpose going to be? To have sex and have[…]

As Pope Pushes to Help the Poor, Catholic Universities Leave Them Behind

Many Catholic colleges leave low-income students with big debts. And wealthy Catholic schools that provide generous support don’t enroll many poor students. Catholic University of America Article written during Pope’s visit to U.S. Pope Francis has made serving the poor a central tenet of his papacy. “Wealth makes us poor,” he told Cuban worshippers on[…]

Animated Map Shows How the World’s First Written Languages Spread (VIDEO)

From BI: The introduction of writing systems changed the world. It allowed humans to physically express thoughts and language, as well as record events for future generations to study. Although different writing systems developed independently in different areas of the world, many are tied together by common roots. John Haywood of Princeton University chronicles the[…]