Firefighters, Volunteers Repair Damaged Gravesites Following Trump Rally

At least a dozen gravestones at East Lawn cemetery in Bloomington were damaged by cars which had been parked for the Donald Trump rally. (Photo courtesy Facebook/Stacy McCollum Beerup) From Eric Stock at WJBC: BLOOMINGTON – Local firefighters from Bloomington and Normal teamed with other volunteers to repair gravesites and the grounds at East Lawn[…]

Charles Fried: The Boundaries of the Self, the Impositions of Society

Charles Fried, Beneficial Professor of Law at the Law School, discussed his views on personal freedom and state intervention at the Humanties Center recently: ‘The greatest enemy of society has always been some vision of the good.’ (Staff photo Emily Berl/Harvard News Office) As a 4-year-old boy in 1939, Charles Fried escaped with his family[…]

Step Aside Hillary Clinton: Why Only Bernie Sanders Can Beat Donald Trump

From Diana Price at Inquisitr: The DNC has been trying to crown Hillary Clinton the Democratic presidential nominee even before the official start of this presidential election cycle. However, with Clinton’s poll numbers and momentum declining and a possible indictment from the FBI, and with a political record that does not reflect the values of[…]

The Paradox of Choice

Is having too many choices stressing you out? Learning to choose is hard. Learning to choose well is harder. And learning to choose well in a world of unlimited possibilities is harder still, perhaps too hard. ― Barry Schwartz Each day we are faced with an astounding amount of choices, from dating partners, to shoes,[…]

Could FDA E-Cigarette Regulations Help People Quit Smoking?

E-cigarettes are smoking hot. They are the most popular nicotine-delivery products used by kids and the majority of adult smokers have tried them. E-cigarettes are a multi-billion dollar industry, with the website Yelp tallying more than 10,000 vape shops across the country. Wall Street analysts are predicting that revenue from e-cigarettes will surpass traditional cigarettes[…]

How the ExoMars Mission Could Sniff Out Life on Mars – And What to Do Next

“It (could be) life Jim, but (perhaps) not as we know it.” This is not just a sci-fi catchphrase, but also something some planetary scientists have uttered in response to the discovery of methane in Mars’ atmosphere. That’s right – scientists believe that some kind of past or present microbial lifeform on Mars could have[…]

The Cost of Inequality: Increasingly it’s the Rich and the Rest

Economic and political inequities are interlaced, analysts say, leaving many Americans poor and voiceless Illustration by Kathleen M.G. Howlett “We can either have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both,” Associate Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said decades ago during[…]

Saving Amanda: One Family’s Struggle to Deal with a Daughter’s Mental Illness

In March 2010, Pam Lipp received the call she’d been dreading for months. She figured it would come from one of three places: the police, the hospital or the morgue. Instead, it was her husband, Doug, saying that he’d just received word that their 18-year-old daughter, Amanda, a freshman at Chico State University in California,[…]

Vermont Legislature on Track to be First to Legalize Marijuana in U.S.

By Scott Malone MONTPELIER, Vt. (Reuters) – Liberal-leaning Vermont could become the first U.S. state to legalize recreational marijuana use through legislation, rather than by voter initiative, in a move that advocates for the drug say could speed its acceptance across the nation. State representatives this month are set to take up a bill passed[…]