‘Brown trash, go home, Trump will win’


From Oliver Morrison at The Wichita Eagle:

A Muslim student at Wichita State University says he and a Hispanic friend, who also is a student, were attacked over the weekend by a man who shouted racial epithets and “Trump, Trump, Trump” before riding away on his motorcycle.

Khondoker Usama, the student body vice president at Wichita State, who is Muslim, said he and a Hispanic friend, who so far has chosen to remain anonymous, were filling their vehicle at the gas pumps at a Kwik Shop near campus at 21st and Oliver early Saturday when a man in his 20s or 30s started calling a black customer at the convenience store a racial epithet.

“Then suddenly it turned onto us, calling us ‘brown trash, go home. Trump will win,’ ” Usama said.

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