The Iconoclastic Controversy – Shadows on the Wall

Painting of Destruction of Religion Images (Icons) in Zurich, 1524 / Creative Commons By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.26.2013: The period of the Iconoclastic Controversy (icon=image, clasm=destruction; hence image destruction) surrounding the imagery of holy persons began in 726 CE and ended in 843 CE during the early Middle Ages.  There was not just a[…]

Hubble Looks into a Cosmic Kaleidoscope

NASA, ESA, CXC, NRAO/AUI/NSF, STScI, and G. Ogrean (Stanford University) From the European Space Agency / 03.25.2016: At first glance, this cosmic kaleidoscope of purple, blue and pink offers a strikingly beautiful — and serene — snapshot of the cosmos. However, this multi-colored haze actually marks the site of two colliding galaxy clusters, forming a[…]

Christian Privilege and the Long Road to the Separation of Church and State

Christian Privilege & The Long Road To The Separation of Church & State. What does religious freedom mean to you? Respect for your religious traditions? The ability to practice your faith without being ostracized? Having Starbucks print your religious holidays on their cups? That last example crosses the line beyond the scope of “freedom,” but[…]