Sanders Opens Early Smashing Lead over Clinton in Washington Caucus


Image New York Times

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.26.2016:

In early returns of the Washington Democratic caucus, Bernie Sanders has come out of the gate with a shattering lead over Hillary Clinton.  He is currently carrying the state 75% to Clinton’s 25%.

Many pundits have been hanging Sanders’ hopes on the Western states as long as he wins them by very large margins, and so far Colorado and now Washington show this playing out.

Ignoring the superdelegate count currently heavily favoring Clinton, wins today may very well pull Sanders into a dead heat with her on state delegates or very close to it.

Bernie’s supporters are coming out in force, and they’re making a difference.

Results for voting in Alaska and Hawaii will also come in today, and entrance polls currently favor Sanders there as well by an equally large margin.

In an interview with one Alaska caucus-goer by CNN, he said he said he was inspired to the polls to vote for Sanders (not Clinton) as well as to keep Trump from winning.