By Matthew A. McIntosh / 04.05.2016 The votes have been cast, the people have spoken – Bernie Sanders has won the primary in the state of Wisconsin. The percentage tally, which will change as all outstanding votes come in (some predict a wider margin), stands at: Bernie Sanders:  53.2% Hillary Clinton:  46.6% Who says Bernie[…]

Sarah Palin’s Freudian Slip on the Trump Stump

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 04.05.2016 Poor, poor Sarah Palin.  She’s out there working hard for Trump, trying to get him elected our next Commander-in-Ignorance, and she goes and Tweets her (and his) true feelings. Granted, as soon as she was alerted to the finger-slip, the Tweet was deleted to replaced “condoned” with “condemned”, but[…]

Tennessee Republicans Pass Bill To Make The Bible The State’s Official Book

By Shannon Argueta / 04.05.2016 Tennessee…the state that was so concerned about the First Amendment that they enacted a religious “freedom” act has just proven that the only religion they really care about is Christianity AND they don’t care about the Constitution at all. The Tennessean reports: Tennessee is poised to make history as the[…]

Bulgaria, Louvre Museum Mull Organizing Exhibit on Tsars, Christian Art of Medieval Bulgarian Empire

Bulgaria’s 2015 exhibition on Ancient Thrace in the Louvre Museum in Paris made headlines in French and international media. Photo: Louvre Museum Facebook Page By Ivan Dikov / 04.02.2016 Archaeology in Bulgaria The next big exhibition to be organized jointly by Bulgaria’s Ministry of Culture and the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, could be on[…]

When Covering Elections, Journalists Face a Debilitating Dilemma

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton fields questions from reporters in Dover, New Hampshire. Brian Snyder/Reuters By Dr. Justin Buchler / 04.05.2016 Associate Professor of Political Science Case Western Reserve University Last week, President Obama criticized journalists covering the election for “the practice of drawing ‘false equivalences’ between competing claims made by politicians.” “If I say[…]