Media Blatantly Holds Story to Run at Last Minute during Wisconsin Primary to Cast Doubt on Sanders


By Matthew A. McIntosh / 04.05.2016

CNN Politics printed a story on their web site today, updated only ten minutes ago as of this writing, titled “Sanders feeling media heat after new interview”, based on an interview Sen. Sanders conducted with The New York Daily on April 1, four days ago, which the Daily published yesterday!

Several times during the interview, Sanders expressed uncertainty over facts, said he couldn’t give a proper answer to a question because he didn’t have all the relevant information, or simply stated, “I don’t know.”

“If Hillary [Clinton] gave answers like this to [an editorial] board, she would be crucified,” tweeted Mark Halperin, the Bloomberg television host and co-author of “Game Change.”

If this is not a blatant attempt to cast doubt on a candidate at just the right time to do the most damage to that candidate, then nothing is.

They chose instead to run with it late this afternoon

Certain media sources – those that establish themselves purely as news sources absent commentary on such matters unless overtly stated otherwise – have been playing at the margins of outright endorsing Sec. Clinton.

The Washington Post printed the same story on their web site only three hours ago.  NBC News published it not 30 minutes ago as of this writing.

Why has this “media heat” not been flaming hot until today?  Where were the national media on this yesterday at when this was published on the Daily at 4:30 EST.  How about early evening, last night, or even this morning?

They say the Sanders campaign hasn’t commented as of yet.  Perhaps that is because the campaign is a bit busy with, oh, a primary at this last minute?