2000+ Doctors Declare: “It’s Time for Single Payer to be Back on the Table”

“In the United States, the right to medical care remains a dream deferred.” (Photo: Juhan Sonin/flickr/cc) ‘We can continue down this harmful path or we can embrace the long-overdue remedy that we know will work: a publicly financed, nonprofit, single-payer system that covers everybody.’ By Deirdre Fulton / 05.05.2016 Despite limited advances provided by the[…]

The One Trump Comparison You Haven’t Heard Yet

‘Alcibiades on his Knees Before his Mistress’ by Lagrenee. By Dr. Robert Garland Professor of Classics and History Colgate University The race for the Republican presidential nomination has provided pundits with ample opportunity to claim that we have reached an all-time low in terms of fractiousness, divisiveness and vulgarity. Not so. A quick look to[…]

The Long History of One Greek Island’s Temporarily Canceled Easter ‘Rocket War’

Firing rockets over Vrontados Town. Photo by Aneta Silwia Zak, used with her permission   By Artemis Touli (left) and Veroniki Krikoni (right) / 05.04.2016 The Greek town of Vrontados on Chios Island is used to drawing attention around Orthodox Easter time. Usually, it’s because of the tradition of “Rouketopolemos” (“Rocket War” in Greek), which[…]