The Novelty of African Poetry

Image| Jerry Riley | By Dr. Aaron Brady Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Texas Does “African poetry” exist? It’s the worst sort of question, because the answer is too easy to be interesting: Yes. There are poets who are African—lots of them—and when Africans make poetry, that poetry is “African poetry.” There are poets who[…]

Limitations Imposed by Wearing Armour on Medieval Soldiers’ Locomotor Performance

Medieval Armor / Metropolitan Museum of Art     By Dr. Graham N. Askew, Dr. Federico Formenti, Dr. Alberto E. Minetti Askew – Associate Professor in Muscle Function and Movement, University of Leeds Formenti – Professor of Life Sciences and Medicine, Kings College London Minetti – Professor of Medicine, University of Milan Abstract In Medieval[…]

2012 Trump Tweet Demanding Obama’s Release of Records Not Required Defines Hypocrisy

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 04.15.2016 Brewminate Editor-in-Chief Donald Drumpf has been railing against releasing his taxes “pending the completion of an audit” and went so far as to tell George Stephanopolous that his taxes are really none of our business. Mitt Romney has suggested that Trump may have something to hide. “Something to hide”[…]

Lower Castes in India Are Still Clearing Human Waste With Their Bare Hands, Despite Laws Against It

Manual scavenging is illegal in India but the practice continues to exist. This woman in the Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh carries human waste for disposal. Image courtesy UNICEF India. By Rezwan / 05.14.2016 About one billion people, or 15 percent of the global population, practice open defecation and a large portion of them are in India.[…]

Modelling How the Brain Makes Complex Decisions

Researchers have built the first biologically realistic mathematical model of how the brain plans and learns when faced with a complex decision-making process. 02.04.2016 Researchers have constructed the first comprehensive model of how neurons in the brain behave when faced with a complex decision-making process, and how they adapt and learn from mistakes. The mathematical[…]

Ethnographic Artifacts and Value Transformations

Reliquary Chasse with the Adoration of the Magi / Wikimedia Commons     By Dr. Rosita Henry, Dr. Ton Otto, and Dr.Michael Wood Professors of Anthropology, James Cook University Abstract Transactions of ethnographic artifacts between Indigenous producers, European collectors, museums, and the state create and transform multiple notions of value. In this paper we discuss[…]

Finding Nero: Shining a New Light on Romano-British Sculpture

  By Dr. Miles Russell and Harry Manley Russell – Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, Bournemouth University Manley – Demonstrator, Bournemouth University Originally published in Internet Archaeology as Russell, M. and Manley, H. 2013 ‘Finding Nero: shining a new light on Romano-British sculpture’, Internet Archaeology 32. Volume 32 (2013) Summary This article discusses the use of 3D[…]

Yet Another Pastor Who Rails about Gay ‘Sin’ Arrested for Child Porn (SEVENTY Counts)

Pastor David Reynolds, Cornerstone Bible Fellowship Church By Randa Morris / 05.15.2016 On May 9, Pastor David Reynolds, formerly of Cornerstone Bible Fellowship Church in Sherwood, Arkansas, was arrested on 70 counts of child pornography. According to the Sherwood Police Department, Reynolds’ arrest followed a lengthy investigation which began with a tip to the National[…]