2012 Trump Tweet Demanding Obama’s Release of Records Not Required Defines Hypocrisy



By Matthew A. McIntosh / 04.15.2016
Brewminate Editor-in-Chief

Donald Drumpf has been railing against releasing his taxes “pending the completion of an audit” and went so far as to tell George Stephanopolous that his taxes are really none of our business.

Mitt Romney has suggested that Trump may have something to hide.

“Something to hide” – that sounds familiar, where have we heard that before?

Oh, yeah!  Here:

Remember when Trump was railing for Obama to release his birth certificate, and then his college transcripts?  Oh, yeah, just as candidates are not required by any law to release tax returns, they are not required to release college transcripts to the public either.

Trump had a huge issue with President Obama and records releases when he tweeted this in 2012.  Now the 2012 GOP nominee, a position Trump now presumptively holds, is turning his own words against him that that he tweeted then:

Hiding something, Mr. Trump?