Model Classical Antiquity

Triumphal Arch of Orange   By Dr. Ulrich Niggemann and Dr. Kai Ruffing Niggemann – Universität Augsburg Ruffing – Philipps-Universität Marburg Abstract Antiquity has served as a model for modern times in many ways, in art and architecture as well as in science, scholarship, and politics. Yet antiquity is not a clear-cut entity, no fact[…]

Bernie OWNS Oregon!

Point the way to the revolution, Bernie By Matthew A. McIntosh / 05.17.2016 Brewminate Editor-in-Chief Favored at nearly 15 points heading into the Oregon primary tonight, Sen. Sanders has claimed a numeric victory directly on the heels of near-draw in Kentucky that was really a victory in itself (see previous article). The Associated Press called[…]

Europa’s Ocean May Have An Earthlike Chemical Balance

This enhanced-color view from NASA’s Galileo spacecraft shows an intricate pattern of linear fractures on the icy surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa. / Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ SETI Institute A new NASA study modeling conditions in the ocean of Jupiter’s moon Europa suggests that the necessary balance of chemical energy for life could exist there, even if[…]

Massachusetts Court Sides with Teenagers in Historic Climate Victory

Two of the Massachusetts youth plaintiffs, Shamus Miller and Olivia Gieger, accompanied by their lawyers, Phelps Turner, Jennifer Rushlow, and Dylan Sanders, after a hearing in January. (Photo: Our Children’s Trust) ‘This is an historic victory for young generations advocating for changes to be made by government,’ said 17-year-old plaintiff Shamus Miller. By Deirdre Fulton[…]

Transmutating Beings: A Proposal for an Anthology of Thought

By Dr. Carlos Severi Director of Research, Professor of Anthropology Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales Abstract Forms of thought, from what Lévi-Strauss called the “systematization [of] what is immediately presented to the senses,” to the causal theories studied by Evans-Pritchard in witchcraft, have generally been interpreted as an expression of a specific language[…]

Cover Charge – The Price of Political Participation and Need for Campaign Finance Reform

Joint session of Congress (Photo: White House / Wikimedia Creative Commons) Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 05.17.2016 Brewminate Editor-in-Chief Campaign finance reform has been the rallying cry of only one candidate this election cycle – Sen. Bernie Sanders.  He emphasizes his campaign’s dependence on individual contributions averaging $27 each.  He has called for the[…]