The Biology of Love

  By Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Deborah Sandella What can our cells tell us about the importance of love? Dr. Bruce Lipton sat down with Dr. Deborah Sandella to reveal how cells hold profound secrets of the heart. What do your cells have to do with love? Molecular biology and romance seem unlikely bedfellows, but[…]

Queen Manduhai the Wise

Mandukhai Khatun (1449-1510), also known as Mandukhai Sechen Khatun, was a Mongolian Empress. The word “Khatun” is the female form of the word “Khan”, as in Genghis Kahn. By KeriLynn Engel Born into a family of aristocrats, she married Manduul Khan when she was 18 years old, and bore a daughter, whose name unfortunately isn’t[…]

Coffee Shop: Hot Or Not!

For those of you older than 12 years of age, you may recall the early days of the internet. You know, remember those days of clicking a roller ball mouse to check your email, watching live NASA pics from the first Mars rover over a 28.8k baud modem, and chatting on ICQ? Well, you[…]

Prisoners and Detainees in War

The article traces the evolution of the treatment of prisoners of war and the emergence of the modern, legally codified prisoners regime. It argues that the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars were a turning point in the history of prisoners of war. With the nationalization of war long-established practices such as the release of prisoners[…]

Can America’s Deep Political Divide Be Traced Back to 1832?

The nation’s political chasm – already wide – has grown even more since 2012. ‘Partisanship’ via Shutterstock Elected officials and the media are in cahoots. Both have succumbed to a two-party system that treats voters not as independent thinkers, but as blind partisans. By Dr. Jennifer Mercieca / 07.21.2016 Associate Professor of Communication Director, Aggie[…]

Ancient Faeces Provide Earliest Evidence of Infectious Disease Being Carried on Silk Road

Intestinal parasites as well as goods were carried by travellers on iconic route, say researchers examining ancient latrine. An ancient latrine near a desert in north-western China has revealed the first archaeological evidence that travellers along the Silk Road were responsible for the spread of infectious diseases along huge distances of the route 2,000 years[…]