Have a Happy Place

Frida Berrigan reading a book to her son Seamus and daughter Madeline. (WNV / Patrick Sheehan-Gaumer) By Frida Berrigan / 07.28.2016 What is your happy place? An odd question for a time marked by sad places — a dance floor slick with blood, a barely seaworthy vessel crammed with people fleeing deprivation, a bullet-ridden intersection,[…]

Skeptical Thinking: The Five Modes of Agrippa

By Dr. Timothy Rayner Former Professor of Philosophy University of Sydney Writer/Author Philosophy for Change ‘What if?’ These are possibly the most disruptive words in the English language. If ‘why?’ stops us in our tracks, ‘what if?’ fills the mind with possibilities. Politics, innovation, and art would be impossible without ‘what if?’ ‘What if we[…]

Paxton Sues to Get Guns Into Austin City Hall

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton during a May 25, 2016, press conference. By Jonathan Silver / 07.28.2016 Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing the city of Austin in Travis County district court, trying to force the city to comply with his reading of the state’s open carry law and allow license holders to openly[…]

How to Create a Strong Sisterhood

Do you have a supportive network of friends to help you through life’s challenges?  Here are five ways to build your tribe. By Tara Pringle Jefferson / 07.28.2016 The power of a supportive tribe Of all the places in Cleveland I thought I’d find myself late last year, the inside of a “sister circle” at[…]