Massive Holes ‘Punched’ Through a Trail of Stars Likely Caused by Dark Matter

Artist’s impression of dark matter clumps around a Milky Way-like galaxy. The discovery of two massive holes punched through a stream of stars could help answer questions about the nature of dark matter, the mysterious substance holding galaxies together. 09.07.2016 Researchers have detected two massive holes which have been ‘punched’ through a stream of stars[…]

San Antonio Mattress Store Commercial Spoofs 9/11 Twin Towers Falling in Ad Campaign (VIDEO)

By Tom Steele / 09.10.2016 Dallas Morning News A San Antonio mattress store says it will donate 30 percent of its sales this weekend to a 9/11 charity after drawing widespread criticism for an advertisement promoting a “Twin Towers Sale.” In the video posted to Facebook, Miracle Mattress manager Cherise Bonanno says that there’s no[…]

What Mindfulness is Missing

Artwork by Jean-Francois Painchaud By Kirk M. Newman / 09.10.2016 The Importance of Compassion According to neurosurgeon, Jim Doty, mindfulness and compassion must go hand in hand. Growing up, Jim Doty had many strikes against him: an alcoholic father, a mother with depression, a family living in poverty. But somehow—in a journey he recounts in his[…]

A Cinematic Approach to Drug Resistance

The MEGA plate is a “powerful illustration of how easy it is for bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics,” said Roy Kishony holding a standard petri dish. / Courtesy of Harvard Medical School and Technion Scientists film bacteria’s maneuvers as they become impervious to drugs By Ekaterina Pesheva, HMS Communications / 09.08.2016 In a creative[…]