NASA’s Opportunity Rover to Explore Mars Gully

This scene from NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity shows “Wharton Ridge,” which forms part of the southern wall of “Marathon Valley” on the rim of Endeavour Crater. The ridge’s name honors the memory of astrobiologist Robert A. Wharton (1951-2012). The scene is presented in approximately true color. / Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/Arizona State Univ. 10.07.2016 NASA’s Opportunity Mars[…]

Use of Body-Worn Cameras Sees Complaints Against Police ‘Virtually Vanish’

Year-long study of almost 2,000 officers across UK and US forces shows introduction of wearable cameras led to a 93% drop in complaints made against police by the public – suggesting the cameras result in behavioural changes that ‘cool down’ potentially volatile encounters. 09.29.2016 Body-worn cameras are fast becoming standard kit for frontline law enforcers,[…]

Now Arriving: Internet of Things

A keynote talk is given by Brenna Berman, Chicago Department of Innovation and Technology CIO during “Engineering and Entrepreneurship: The Internet of Things,” in which everyday objects possess network connectivity that allows them to send and receive data, radically transforming the way we live and work. / Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer HUBweek session examines the[…]

Medical Hope on the Horizon

Panelists at the first “Horizons in Regenerative Medicine” series discussed how advances in stem cell research may soon replace lab mice with petri dishes, slow the effects of aging, and relegate insulin injections to the history books. / iStock Stem cell science aids therapies for diabetes, ALS, other diseases, HUBweek panelists say. By Hannah L.[…]

Dreamscapes of Animals and Powerful Women

Verdant, J.A.W. Cooper. Courtesy of and © J.A.W. Cooper A chat with L.A. artist J.A.W. Cooper about her process and inspiration By Allison Ramirez / 10.07.2016 A professional illustrator, fine artist, and adventurer, J.A.W. Cooper shares her drawings and sketches of animals, women, and mythologically inspired creatures with her hundreds of thousands of followers. She[…]

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The Science of Human Goodness

By Jeremy Adam Smith / 10.09.2016 What makes a ‘Good’ Person? “Goodness” doesn’t seem like a very scientific concept. It sounds downright squishy to many people, and thus unworthy of study. But you can count acts of goodness — and all science begins with counting. It’s the counting that has started to change our understanding[…]

Post-Tape Poll: Clinton Leads Trump by Double Digits

By Joe Gandelman / 10.10.2016 Editor-in-Chief, The Moderate Voice The audio tape brought to light by the Washington Post clearly had an impact of Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s poll numbers: Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll taken before the most recent debate, where Trump played mostly to his[…]