Ingestible Robots, Glasses-Free 3D, and Computers that Explain Themselves

In 2016, MIT CSAIL researchers worked on a range of projects in robotics, theory, wireless technology, software systems, and other disciplines. Image: CSAIL By CSAIL MIT / 12.19.2016 Machines that predict the future, robots that patch wounds and wireless emotion-detectors are just a few of the exciting projects that came out of MIT’s Computer Science[…]

The Antioch Earthquake in 115 CE

By Carole Raddato / 05.12.2016 Historian Exactly 1900 years ago¹, Hadrian survived a violent and devastating earthquake while wintering in Antioch during Trajan’s campaign in the east. Hadrian had been in Syria since January 114 CE as imperial legate (envoy to the emperor), and as such, had taken up residence in Antiochia ad Orontem (Antioch[…]

Israel Advances Plans for Settlements in the West Bank, Despite UN Resolution to Stop

A couple walk in the Israeli settlement of Maale Edumim, in the occupied West Bank on December 24, 2016. / Amir Cohen, Reuters By Agence France-Presse / 12.27.2016 Israel could advance plans this week for thousands of more homes in settlements in annexed east Jerusalem in defiance of a landmark UN resolution demanding an end to such[…]

3D Scanning the Ancient World

A 3D model of an East Greek wine jug. Image © Ure Museum. By Dr. James Lloyd / 04.21.2016 Historian In recent years, there has been a flurry of new technologies emerging at a price which makes them (just about) affordable, notably 3D scanners and printers, and such technologies have attracted attention in the news[…]

Four Gold Hats: A Bronze Age Mystery

Berlin Gold Hat Detail. / Wikimedia Commons By Jen Brown / 11.26.2016 Historian After viewing thousands of artifacts in multiple museums, sometimes it can be tempting to just keep walking. But then there are times when something just grabs you, stopping you in your tracks.That’s what happened to me when I was in the Speyer,[…]

What Was Happening in Three Civilizations from 1000 to 1 BCE in Greece, Rome, and China: A Simultaneous Chronology

By Heather L. Bennett / 04.19.2016 Visiting Instructor University of Buffalo We decided to create a timeline that merges [the chronology of] three civilizations together, so that we can all learn about the chronological order of the happenings around the world! Like, during the Dark Ages of Rome, when life seemed all so gloomy because of[…]

Gingrich to Trump about Business Conflicts: Ignore the Law

Photo by Mark Treble, Flickr / Creative Commons By Dana Milbank / 12.27.2016 Washington Post Columnist Trump lieutenant Newt Gingrich has proposed an elegant solution for all the conflicts of interest swirling around the president-elect and his team of billionaires: Ignore the law. President-elect Donald Trump, Gingrich said, should let those in his administration do[…]