The Obelisk of Antinous

The Obelisk of Antinous (aslo known as the Pincian Obelisk or Barberini Obelisk) in its current location on the Pincian Hill in Rome. By Carole Raddato / 10.02.2016 Historian FOLLOWING HADRIAN All photos by Carole Raddato, Creative Commons While Hadrian was visiting the province of Egypt in late 130 AD, his favorite Antinous drowned mysteriously[…]

An Overview of the Timeline and History of the Ancient Levant – Israel and Judah

The History of Ancient Palestine from the early Bronze Age to the Roman empire, including the coming of the Israelites, the kingdom of David and Solomon, the Exile and the Destruction of the Temple Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 01.05.2017 Brewminate Editor-in-Chief Ancient Palestine By the 3rd millennium BCE, the southern Levant was a[…]

Heinrich Geissler’s Groundbreaking Archive

By Isabella Zuralski / 12.02.2014 Senior Special Collections Cataloguer Getty Research Institute The difference between “German drawings” and “drawings from Germany” may seem self-evident today, but such a distinction only exists thanks to the work of art historian Heinrich Geissler, whose archive is housed at the Getty Research Institute. The chief curator of prints and[…]

From Presocratic to Classical Greek Philosophy: A Shift in Focus and Methodology

Moving on from the Presocratics (see here), Dr. Fieser discusses Classical Greek philosophy – Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle By Dr. James Fieser / 03.09.2012 Professor of Philosophy The University of Tennessee With an ever-growing number of philosophers coming on the scene, the Greek-speaking territories were lively intellectual environments, particularly the city of Athens which was[…]

Corporations Prepare to Gorge on Tax Cuts

Now that Donald Trump’s election means a corporate tax holiday might really happen, corporate executives are telling Wall Street analysts what they’ll actually use that money for: enriching their shareholders and buying other companies. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images) What would companies do with all that money? Here you have it. By Jon Schwarz / 01.05.2017 The official[…]

Physical Activity, Even in Small Amounts, Benefits Both Physical and Psychological Well-Being

Photo by Moyan Brenn, Creative Commons The largest-ever smartphone-based study examining the relationship between physical activity and happiness has found that even minimal levels of activity can have a positive effect on happiness.  01.05.2017 A new study, based on reports from more than 10,000 individuals, has found that physical activity, whether or not it is[…]

Venezia: The Prosperity and Growth of the ‘City of Canals’ in the Middle Ages

Medieval map of Venice / Wikimedia Commons By Professor Heather Bennett / 11.14.2015 Professor of Western Civilization History University of Buffalo The ‘Dark Ages’ were not always dark. It depends on the context and the country itself. Venice, also known as the “City of Canals”, actually prospered during the Dark Ages, then faced some setbacks during the[…]

The Future of Vertical Farms

By Cory Doctorow / 01.05.2017 There’s really nothing not to love about vertical farms — multi-story hydroponic operations, usually sited in dense urban areas — they borrow their best tech from the space program, they’re water-conserving, they don’t have runoff, they’re energy efficient, and they’re super land-efficient, meaning we don’t need to turn forests or[…]